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EyeCandid, the new brand name of Fotoboss, conveys our desire that you showcase unaltered images through your eyes of optimistic view.

Plants and flowers not only bring visual delight but also provide joy. Even the common wildflowers have unique beauty and fragrance.

Some visit coffee shop to kill their spare time, and others visit to relax. It can also become a place where you can gather creative ideas.

Capturing copyspace images is not difficult. The key is to create simple images that highlight content for easy understanding.

Though a little different from our friendly furry friends, these creatures are also vibrant explorers. Show us the diverse aspects of them.

The spectrum of festivals unfolds in various ways - sometimes they are colorful, sometimes calm, and sometimes spiritual.

Mother Nature is a place where everything lives in peaceful harmony, and it is important to protect its beauty.

Yellow carries various meanings. When someone tries to express a bright atmosphere, yellow is the best choice.

We want to discover which photograph you believe is the most stunning one you've captured this year.

Take a closer look to discover unique textures and details that were previously unknown. Express them in stunning macro photography.

Capture every kind of transportation that helps us travel, sometimes even beyond our world.

Animals are close friends of humans. Every one of them could be precious companions to humans.

From urban to nature, any location and any type of weather would work. Capture the beauty of the changing weather that surrounds us.

Share an impressive image that emphasizes the subject with more tension compared to horizontal images.

As we journey, we feel, learn, and grow through our travels. Capture the world in photographs and share the most memorable moments.

Food is a special part of our lives that brings variety meaning to our lives. They allow us to experience the world without traveling.

Various kinds of flowers inspire us and bring energy to our daily lives. They show love, and provide hope and comfort during sad times.

Summer is the most dazzling season of the year. People enjoy summer in their own ways. Capture your favorite moment of summer.

The sky can calm our minds. Try to capture the beauty of the sky in a photo - it may become a work of art that can move others.

People receive a lot of meaning from green. We can feel peace of mind and the beauty of nature. Let's meet all greens all around the world.

Fruits with a sweet taste, a pleasant scent, and colorful appearance are not only pleasing to the eyes but also make excellent subjects for photography.

The best copy space image is one where the blank space and subject blend well together to create an image that can highlight the text.

Escape from your daily routine and let your feet lead you wherever they go. Enjoy the moment on the street and take pictures as you wish.

Beautiful landmarks make a great impression just by looking at it. Let us know the attraction of the place.

Nothing could compare the freshly roasted coffee beans with a nutty scent. Share your coffee or tea break with people around the world.

Water cleans the dirty and gives new life to all things. Whether calm or dynamic, water exists in a variety of forms all over the world.

Make an ordinary moment into a great photograph by using the light. Light up your photo with the light you captured.

Valentine’s day is one of the sweetest days for everybody. Think about a present for the people you love!

Colors influence, inspire, or sometimes motivate people. What do you find in color? Share the world you see in colors.

Feel the vitality of nature by looking at the sky and the lush forest around you. Share nature through your camera to bring others peace.