December is a month for reflecting on the entire year, a time when people reminisce about various memories. As Fotoboss welcomes December, we're preparing to assess the highlights of 2023 in this contest.

The theme for this contest is the Highlights of 2023. To be more specific, we want to discover which photograph you believe is the most stunning one among you've captured this year.

When people meet their own unforgettable moments, they capture those instances through the lens. The moment a photographer presses the shutter button, everything they see is reborn as a perfect photograph. Those images give us a glimpse into experiences we haven't met ourselves.

How has the world transformed into art through your lens? We want to see the most perfect photo you've captured in 2023 through this contest. Any subject is welcome, as long as it was taken during this year. Share with us the best photo you haven't shown us yet.


We do not accept the selfies.


The images uploaded with a contest tag in the previous way will be REJECTED.

- Only images uploaded for the first time will be accepted.

- Only submit images you own copyright.

- Winners shall claim the prize by selling their winning images to Fotoboss within 10 days from the winner announcement date.

- It is totally up to the participants whether they sell the images or not. However, the cash prize will be only given to the winner who sells his/her winning image to Fotoboss. We recommend you reconsider submitting an entry for the contest if you do not want to sell your images to Fotoboss.

- Cash prizes will be sent via Paypal. If you do not have an active Paypal account, we recommend you to reconsider submitting an entry for the contest.

- Do not submit the same image to several different contests. The same image submitted for more than 1 contest will be rejected.

- Submit as many images as possible to increase the chances to win.

- Other campaigns are not applicable to images submitted to a contest.

- All images submitted to Fotoboss will be licensed free to use for any purpose.

- Do not upload images that contains any pornographic, racist, defamatory, immoral, or unlawful content.