US$ 600 in prizes

Water world

Open to contributions until July 31st, 2024
at 23:59 PM in KST


How to apply

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Water is essential for life. From small ponds and lakes to large rivers and oceans, we can find traces of life everywhere.

Water exists not only in nature but also in various forms such as liquid, solid, and gas in our daily lives, transmitting energy to us in many ways.

In this contest, we want you to capture the beauty of water in its many forms.

- Dynamic images of transparent water gushing or falling

- Lively moments of a river, sea, or waterfall

- Tranquil and calm surface of a lake or pond

- A close-up view of a water droplet formed on a leaf or on a window glass during rainfall

- View of the emerald green underwater

- Moments of water being poured into a glass.

- The reflection of objects appears distorted on the choppy surface of water.

- Water transformed into solid forms like ice or glaciers

- Water in its gaseous state, like steam or dry ice

What kind of water scene are you eager to capture?


Gold Medal

EyeCandid will select 20 winners
to win $30 each



We do not accept wastewater, dirty water, or


Only images uploaded for the first time will be accepted.
Only submit images you own copyright.
Winners shall claim the prize by selling their winning images to EyeCandid within 10 days from the winner announcement date.
It is totally up to the participants whether they sell the images or not. However, the cash prize will be only given to the winner who sells his/her winning image to EyeCandid. We recommend you reconsider submitting an entry for the contest if you do not want to sell your images to EyeCandid.
Cash prizes will be sent via Paypal. If you do not have an active Paypal account, we recommend you to reconsider submitting an entry for the contest.
Do not submit the same image to several different contests. The same image submitted for more than 1 contest will be rejected.
Submit as many images as possible to increase the chances to win.
Images submitted to the contest cannot be submitted to other promotion campaigns.
All images submitted to EyeCandid will be licensed free to use for any purpose.
Do not upload images that contains any pornographic, racist, defamatory, immoral, or unlawful content.