Before you upload, please take a look at our Quality Control guidelines.

Images that do not meet our QC standards will not be published.

Quality Control Guide

Sign up

Create an account on EyeCandid and verify your email account.

Sign in

Sign in with your account on EyeCandid to start uploading images.


① Find the ‘Upload’ button located at the top right of the main page.

② Enter the Upload page.

③ After acknowledging every notice on the first page,

④ and hit the 'Add image' button to select images for upload.

Before you select image files, please note that they must be in JPG (JPEG) or PNG format, and should have dimensions between 3,000 and 8,000 pixels, with a file size of up to 40MB. If you upload an image file that does not meet these file standards, it will be automatically excluded.

⑤ You can add, edit or delete all the tags freely. If you add an inappropriate or irrelevant tag, the image upload request may be declined.

⑥ If you want to submit your image to one of our photography contests, select a contest subject here. As it is optional, it’s ok to select ‘none’.

⑦ Finally, hit the 'Submit' button to submit all the images ready.

⑧ You will find the images that you have just uploaded on the 'Pending' tab of My Media menu. Now, your images are ready for review by our curators. The review will take 12~72 hours.

Once the images are approved by our curators, they will be published as free images on the website.

⑨ Now, your images are ready for sale. Find them under the 'Sell' tab in the 'Sell Images' menu and sell them to us if you want to make a profit out of them.

To find out more details, go to ‘How to sell’.