“Art beautifies our world. Free images for everyone.”

Images have the power to strongly support the messages people wish to convey. People see, understand, and connect the world through images.

Our story
begins here

Our headquarter is based in Seoul, South Korea, with founding members who are professionals in the image stock industry, experienced in managing licenses, copyrights and trade of media content.

We share a passion for images, bridging creators and consumers.

Our mission

Our mission is to cultivate a safe and trustworthy environment where creators can confidently share their invaluable work with the world, free from worry and doubt. We are committed to providing a platform that nurtures creativity and empowers creators to showcase their talents with pride and reassurance.

Images are and always will be intertwined with our lives, and we aspire to be part of those who contribute to making the world a better place through them.

What we do

We create and advance a platform that connects creators and those in need of images.
Our platform enables our contributors to share their images freely, allowing individuals in search of quality visuals to use them with ease.
Moreover, we continuously propose new ideas to unearth more talents and promote them globally,
while striving to activate the creator community. This is our mission.