US$ 2,000 in prizes

Open to contributions until June 30th, 2024
at 23:59 PM in KST


How to apply

- Select your own original image that contains the contest subject.

- Click the SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY HERE button above and submit that image.

- Alternatively, go to the ‘Upload’ page, upload that image, select ‘EyeCandid’ in the ‘Contest’ option, and submit it.


"eye" is from the eyes finding joy in small and ordinary things. "candid" means 'natural and unaltered'. The triangle pointing 'right here in this place' connects "eye" and "candid".

EyeCandid, the new brand name of Fotoboss, conveys our desire that you showcase your natural and unaltered images through your eyes of optimistic view.

The subject of this contest is 'natural, bright, and positive images' that represent and empower the spirit of EyeCandid.

How about capturing and expressing your authentic and positive ideas with everyday subjects that EyeCandid, our new brand, inspires you and sharing them with us?

- Natural, bright and positive image

- Unexpected and interesting moments you come across in everyday life

- Unique beauty discovered in modest nature or unnoticed objects

- Capturing amusing or cute situations or subjects.

- Vibrant and colorful subjects, for example, balloons, pastels, cotton candy,  rainbows, etc.

- A person or people portrayed with cheerful and dynamic gestures such as jumping, cheering, smiling, laughing, dancing, etc.

We welcome all the photos that describe and express 'EyeCandid' well!


Gold Medal

EyeCandid will select
1 winner to win $1000


Silver Medal

EyeCandid will select
10 winners to win $100 each


Images of selfies and close-up shots of eyes are not recommended. Please make sure that any submitted portrait image has the model release.


Only images uploaded for the first time will be accepted.
Only submit images you own copyright.
Winners shall claim the prize by selling their winning images to EyeCandid within 10 days from the winner announcement date.
It is totally up to the participants whether they sell the images or not. However, the cash prize will be only given to the winner who sells his/her winning image to EyeCandid. We recommend you reconsider submitting an entry for the contest if you do not want to sell your images to EyeCandid.
Cash prizes will be sent via Paypal. If you do not have an active Paypal account, we recommend you to reconsider submitting an entry for the contest.
Do not submit the same image to several different contests. The same image submitted for more than 1 contest will be rejected.
Submit as many images as possible to increase the chances to win.
Images submitted to the contest cannot be submitted to other promotion campaigns.
All images submitted to EyeCandid will be licensed free to use for any purpose.
Do not upload images that contains any pornographic, racist, defamatory, immoral, or unlawful content.