Across every corner of the world, we encounter countless festivals.

From well-known festivals to unique and hidden ones taking place in small villages, festivals take on an infinite range of forms. Some trace their roots to ancient myths, and others are based on religious beliefs. Certain festivals are closely tied to the traditions and cultures of the regions. The spectrum of festivals unfolds in various ways - sometimes they are huge and colorful, sometimes quiet and calm, and sometimes very spiritual.

Through this contest, Fotoboss invites you to share images capturing the distinctive festivals of each region or country, transporting people to the heart of cultural diversity and beauty.

Show us snapshots of the essence of festivals taking place in locations we may not have visited. Share your experiences of the vibrancy of the festivals, every unique aspect related to the religious or cultural features.

- Various festival scenes from around the world

- People getting ready for festivals

- Festivals reflecting strong religious or cultural features


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