Humans have long been called visual creatures. When we choose which clothes to wear, we prefer clothes with pretty colors. When we whip up the desserts, we also add sweet color that goes well with them.

Each color represents different meanings. Red symbolizes passion, and green symbolizes nature. The Rainbow color means love and peace. Like this, humans express themselves through various colors.

What is your favorite color? Which color inspires you the most? Eye-catching and vivid color, or soft and warm color… All is well and good. Show us the world you saw in your own color.


Images that stand out in one color or have various vivid colors are the best.

No sepia tone or black and white images.

Too much color correction may cause image noise.

Avoid the images of old, stained, and unclean subjects.


- Only images containing a TAG ‘VivaLaVivid’ will be considered the contest entries.

- Only images uploaded for the first time will be accepted.

- Only submit images you own copyright.

- Winners shall claim the prize by selling their winning images to Fotoboss within 10 days from the winner announcement date.

- It is up to winners whether you sell winning images or not. But please note that cash prizes will be given only to the winner who sells his/her winning image to Fotoboss.

- Cash prizes will be sent via Paypal. If you do not have an active Paypal account, we recommend you to reconsider submitting an entry for the contest.

- Please do not submit the same image to several different contests. 1 image must have 1 contest tag only.

- Super Wednesday campaign is not applicable to images submitted to a contest.

- All images submitted to Fotoboss will be licensed free to use for any purpose.

- Do not upload images that contains any pornographic, racist, defamatory, immoral, or unlawful content.