Sell images directly to EyeCandid. EyeCandid is not a marketplace, we are a Buyer. We buy your images right away from you and share them with many creatives around the world who are looking for inspiration. Let’s see how it works in detail.

How it works


Share Free Images

Go to ‘Upload’ page and submit as many images as you want

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  • Curators will have a review for approval for 12~72 hours.
  • QC team will filter out inappropriate or similar images.

Sell Images

Go to ‘Sell Images’ page, select images that are available for sale, and sell them to EyeCandid.

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  • Review for approval within 1~7 days
  • Filter out inappropriate or similar images.


Go to ‘Financials’ page and submit a withdrawal request form to request payment for your earnings if your balance is over US$10.

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  • Administration team will process the cash out request and transfer the amount to your designated payment account.
  • Payments are made after the 15th of the following month from your request date.

Share your images and get the reward from EyeCandid in return for your favor!

Other free image websites may offer users the option to donate to the photographer as a way to show appreciation, but EyeCandid takes a different approach. We want to show our gratitude to every photographer by purchasing the right to use their images directly, instead of relying on optional donations. As an uploader, you can simply request to sell your images to us and earn rewards. At EyeCandid, we show our appreciation by offering 0.1 dollars per image.

Your pictures might just sleep in your smartphone.

How many pictures do you have in your smartphone or PC? I guess at least hundreds of photos are sleeping in your gallery.
If you just hold on to hundreds or thousands of images in your phone or PC, they stay just $0. However, if you share 10 images with us, you get $1, and 100 images turn into $10.
$0.1 is just a beginning.

Copyright for each of your images is always yours, and they will remain available for free on our website.

Even though we purchase the right to use your images, nothing will change. Your copyright for each image will remain intact and they will continue to be available for free on our website as yours. Don’t hesitate to request to sell your images to us.

All you need to do is wait for a moment.

Allow our curators some time to have a review on your selling request.
The main elements that our curators will review are very simple: whether the images are well-focused, have a horizontal angle, and an appropriate theme.
Just give our curators a little time to review your images (so they can also enjoy their weekend with loved ones). Once we've purchased your images, you'll be able to find them in the 'Sell Images' menu.